January 7th BINGO – 65 Players

Reminder – we require each person in the bingo hall to purchase a minimum $10 buy-in. We do not allow individuals to come and visit without doing a buy-in. Space at tables is restricted to players. Exceptions can be made for someone requiring a medical aide to be with them. Please see a manager for approval of a non-playing companion. Players may not split packs. Each player must have their own buy-in. Loud and/or vulgar language or disorderly conduct will not be tolerated. Anyone conducting themselves in such a manner will be asked and required to leave the premises and asked not to return.

Payouts were reduced this week due to attendance under 70 players. Come and play in the New Year and keep the payouts at their maximum.

Welcome back players to our 2016 Bingo sessions. We hope to see all of you in the coming weeks.

Progressive game 15 in 59 numbers for $250, not won.
Progressive game 31 in 58 numbers for $500, WON by 2 players.

Remember LATE NIGHT games 30 & 31 have all ODD or all EVEN numbers wild depending on the current date.

Next session the progressive numbers will be at 60 balls for game 15 and 48 balls for game 31.

(% payouts are based on total sales for that game)
4 Speed Games paid $30 each (60%).
4 Early Bird games paid $90 each. Reduced payout.
Lucky Star game paid $72 (60%) plus $10 for Star in pattern.
Blue Special first game paid $35.
Blue Special Progressive paid $110.
Double Action game paid $97 (60%).
10 Regular games paid $85 each. Reduced payout.
Orange Special first game paid $35.
Orange Special second game paid $110.
U-Pick game blackout paid $88 (60%).
Green Special first game paid $35.
Green Special second game paid $110.
Bonanza Large Frame game paid $50.
Bonanza Blackout game paid $132 (60%).
Late Night first game paid $50.
Late Night Progressive paid $500. 2 PLAYERS SHARED THE WIN.

The Lucky Number pot was NOT won. If you Bingo on the Lucky Number as last number called, you win the accumulated pot ($5 minimum) in addition to your Bingo payout.

Remember that we have food, beverages and bar service during the Bingo session. Please do not bring any outside food, beverages or containers into the Bingo hall.

King and Queen for the session:
– Queen was paid $9 for her lucky number. See picture attached.
– King was paid $5 for his lucky number. See picture attached.

If you are the King or Queen, remember to honk your horn on games with a Wild Ball that includes your number and on the Bonanza game if your number is one of the pre-called numbers. You must honk at the beginning of the game to qualify for a payout as that is when the ball is considered as being called.

Invite your friends and family to come and enjoy the fun at Bingo. Our minimum buy-in is only $10 and you can get a Starter Pack for $21 that includes 27 games. Four Speed games with a 60% payout, played at the beginning of the session at 6 PM, can be purchased for an extra $4.

Remember you get a free dauber when your birthday falls in the current bingo week (Sun – Sat), id is required for verification.

Also remember to bring your drivers license or ID card in case you win $100 or more on a single payout. Dept of Justice requires we record payouts of $100 or greater along with winners ID information.

Ink daubers are required for all players. No other form of marking sheets is valid. Of course we have daubers for sale in a variety of colors for $1.25, $1.50 & $1.75. We also have NEW FLUORESCENT daubers available for $1.75.

Doors open at 4:00 PM so you can come and get settled in and order some food before we start at 6 PM. We hope to see all of you at the next session.