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Bend Elks Lodge #1371 Member Profile

Nancy Maddox

Chief Cook & Bottle Washer

Nancy Maddox is our Lodge’s chief cook and bottle washer. Wherever you look, you see Nancy cooking, bartending and cleaning. She is an amazing dynamo, always on the move. Although not an official Elk member, the Lodge would feel like something was missing if she were not there.

Bend Elks Lodge #1371 Member ProfileNancy was born in St. Charles Hospital, here in Bend. She was the 3rd of seven children. Nancy’s parents divorced, and her mother later married into another family. Nancy’s stepfather was Maynard, he was a jack-of-all trades and an entrepreneur. There wasn’t much he couldn’t do. The family moved to Portland and then to Molalla, where her stepfather bought a restaurant named “The Office”. Starting in junior high school, Nancy worked at many jobs, including the restaurant and a waterbed store. When The Office closed the family moved to Portland, where Nancy worked in Rico’s Pizza Parlor. When the family was scheduled to move to Idaho, the moving company had all their possessions in the truck when the family found out the moving company increased their rate over the weekend. Since the family could not pay the increased rate, the moving company held their possessions as hostage and would not return them. Even though Nancy was still in high school, she was willing to use her paycheck and some money she had saved to pay the increased moving expenses, but only if the family agreed to move to Bend.

After moving to Bend, Nancy worked at Frieda’s Restaurant, and graduated Bend High School in 1975.Bend Elks Lodge #1371 Member Profile For the next five years she worked as a busgirl, prep cook, fry cook and then head cook. She left Frieda’s to work at Elmer’s Pancake House in Bend. She also worked at the Boy Scout Camp at Crescent Lake as a cook. In 1981 Nancy became a mom when her son, Chris, was born.

Nancy’s father is an Elk member and obtained a father – daughter membership for Nancy at the old lodge downtown. Nancy cooked for Bingo, which was held in the basement each week, tended bar and was a cocktail waitress in addition to working at the Kopper Kitchen. Bend Elks Lodge #1371 Member ProfileThe Bend Elks Lodge is where she met her future husband, Jeff Maddox.

Jeff and Nancy were married on Valentine’s Day in 1986. Jeff and Nancy had 2 more boys, Lucas and Jonathan. Bend Elks Lodge #1371 Member ProfileThe family stayed in Bend and Nancy ran a daycare facility from her home and cooked at Harmony House. She then worked for Newdecor as a drill press operator and constructed speakers for cars.

For Halloween one year, Nancy and Jeff dressed as each other. Notice that Jeff is wearing Nancy’s wedding dress.

Nancy is especially proud of her family’s annual reunion. (see the pictures below) Each year the family travels to South Twin Lake for the opening day of fishing season. There they have a great time fishing and camping. The entire Hawes family participates in the reunion and occupies 25 campsites at Lake Billy Chinook. Over 100 family members attend each July.
Bend Elks Lodge #1371 Member Profile
Nancy’s children are all grown and out-of-the-house. Chris, the oldest, is a naval officer and is presently stationed in Buffalo, N.Y. with his wife and 2 boys, Caleb and Owen. Bend Elks Lodge #1371 Member ProfileLucas has 2 girls, Hannah and JoAnne and Jonathan has 2 boys, Robert and Michael. The picture shown is Nancy teaching her grandson Caleb to swim.
Bend Elks Lodge Ladies of the Elks Officers 2014-2015

Nancy became a Lady of Elks in 1998. She was L.O.E. President in 2006-2007 and has been an advisor ever since.

Nancy started working at our “new” Lodge 5 years ago as a volunteer, bartender, and cocktail waitress for Bingo each week. Her sister, Lynn Hawes was our cook. Unfortunately, Lynn had an accident in the kitchen and broke her arm. Since that time, Nancy has been our cook, in addition to all the other jobs she does so well.

Bend Elks Lodge #1371 Member Profile

Chocolate Roses handmade by Nancy for the Sweetheart Ball!
Nancy took it upon herself to make a rose for each place setting.Bend Elks Lodge #1371 Member ProfileBend Elks Lodge #1371 Member Profile


The Bend Elks Lodge is fortunate that Nancy insisted on moving to Bend instead of Idaho.

 Bend Elks Lodge #1371 Member Profile Bend Elks Lodge #1371 Member Profile Bend Elks Lodge #1371 Member Profile 
Bend Elks Lodge #1371 Member ProfileIMG_1842 Bend Elks Lodge #1371 Member Profile Bend Elks Lodge #1371 Member Profile Bend Elks Lodge #1371 Member Profile Bend Elks Lodge #1371 Member Profile