RV Club – Bugler – March 2015


March, 2015

Officers for the 2014 – 2015 Term
Wagon Master: Len De Groot
Treasurer: Gary Teadtke
Secretary: Marj De Groot

RV club met on Feb. 5th. The Carahs were guests and potential new members. Officers were nominated for the upcoming 2015-2016 year. All current officers were nominated for a second term. Voting will occur at the March meeting and nominations can be made from the floor. Here is a website that you may like for planning those nice long trips. Website is rvparking.com. Just type in the city you will be visiting and it lists all rv parks. Remember dues are due April 1st and we need an audit committee.

Outings for the upcoming year are:

Florence from May 14-17th at the Florence Elks RV park. The Ennis’ will be hosting.
June has us in Prineville at the Crook County RV park. Dates are June 25-28th and Teadtke and Murillos will be hosting.
July has us heading to Tillamook at the Elks RV park from July 27-Aug. 2nd. The DeGroots and Loviks are hosting.
August is open but wagonmaster Len DeGroot is looking at some potential parks and Long Beach, Wa, is one. Suggestions, let Len know.
Sept. has us back at Caseys RV park in Westfir, Or.. Dates are Sept. 17th-20th and the Humestons are hosting.
October has us in Prosser Wa. at Wine Country RV Park from Oct. 6-10th. The Tolboes/Douglas’/Greenoughs/Flemings are hosting. You are to call Wine Country RV park directly to make your reservations. Reservations are under Bend Elks.

Wil Robertson passed away and a memorial service was held Jan 31st. We had 3 50/50 winners and numerous birthdays.

Next meeting is March 5th at the lodge at 11am. Any questions call Len DeGroot at 541-480-3923.

Respectfully submitted

Chuck Tolboe