RV Club – Bugler – February 2015


February, 2015

Officers for the 2014 – 2015 Term
Wagon Master: Len De Groot
Treasurer: Gary Teadtke
Secretary: Marj De Groot

Meeting was held on Jan. 8th. Diana Lovgren suggested that the co-pilot should carry an extra set of keys to avoid being locked out when the pilot disappears. Remember that election of officers is March with new officers effective April 1st. Dues are also due by April 1.

Outings for the upcoming year are as follows:

May is Florence at the Elks RV park and 15 spaces are reserved. The Ennis’ have stepped up and are hosting. Dates are May 14-17th.
June has us in Prineville at Crook County RV park. Dates are June 25-28th. We need hosts.
July sends us to the coast again in Tillamook at the Elks RV park. Dates are July 27-Aug. 2nd. Hosts are needed for Tillamook.
August is open at this point in time.
September is back to Caseys in Westfir. Dates are Sept. 17th-20th. The Humestons are hosting.
October is inviting us to Prosser, Wa. for wine tasting. Dates are Oct 6th -10th. We will be staying at Wine Country RV Park in Prosser. It is approximately 250 miles to Prosser from Bend. The Tolboes/Greenoughs/Douglas’s/and Flemings are hosting. Remember to call any of the hosts for more complete info on any of the outings.

We had 3 50/50 winners. Glenn Wrede is on the mend and Phyllis Lovik was recognized for all her work on the annual Christmas toy drive. Next meeting is Feb. 5th in the lodge at 11am.

Respectfully submitted

Chuck Tolboe