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David Lovik

Inner Guard

Dave was fortunate to grow up in a beautiful small town in Oregon; everyone in the town of Lacomb knew each other and they all watched out for each other.  He is a baby boomer, born shortly after WWII ended and was the baby of the family. His brother and sister were 10 and 8 years older.  Dave’s father, and almost everyone in Lacomb, was a logger. The loggers worked on a company owned forest outside of town and commuted 10 miles to the logging camp everyday in the “crummy”. The crummy was appropriately named because it was covered and filled with mud and dirt.

Dave-as-child-#1-67657-1Lacomb was a great place to grown up. The residents were all extended family. Whatever house you were playing at during lunchtime was where you were feed. The only rule was that you had to be home for dinner. The town consisted of a gas station and a church. Dave’s school was unique; it had 2 rooms, one for grades 1-4 and the other for grades 5-8. There were 2 teachers and one of them was the principal. There were 3-6 children per grade. The children received a lot of individual attention and instruction. Dave-as-child#2-21906-1Most of the children belonged to the school band.  Whatever instrument a family member owned was what you played, so Dave played the clarinet. There was a local music store and the owner of the store was the bandleader and teacher. Dave spent his days hunting, fishing, hiking and working on the local farms.

Tragically, Dave’s father died when Dave was 12. Dave’s mother and he moved to Sweet Home. There he worked the crops and got his first real job in the local grocery store at age 16. Dave was fortunate to have his boss at the grocery store as a friend and mentor; his swim coach was also an important influence and role model. After high school, Dave worked as a forest fire fighter then enlisted in the Army during the Vietnam era. After basic training, he was selected from many candidates to be in the Honor Guard in Washington D.C. He was stationed at Arlington Cemetery and participated in all ceremonies for soldiers and visiting dignitaries to Washington. He was also sergeant squad leader for the tactical infantry for the defense of Washington D.C. Dave was later stationed in Europe and released from the Army in 1969.

After returning home from the service, Dave attended college and worked.  He met Phyllis Rains at Oregon College of Education. They were introduced by a mutual friend and after dating for a year, married in 1971. Bend Elks Lodge #1371 Member ProfileDave describes Phyllis as the best thing that ever happened to him, she calmed him down and gave him goals. In 1973, Dave decided to work for the Post Office. It was a great choice and good career for him. Dave and Phyllis moved to Bend in 1988. Phyllis was employed as a teacher in La Pine and Dave was employed in Madras. Bend was in the middle of their respective commutes. Dave retired in 2003 and Phyllis retired shortly thereafter.

Dave joined the Kaiser Elks Lodge in 1972 and later transferred to the Bend Lodge. Dave has been an Elk member for 42 years. He has been our Lodge Inner Guard for the past 3 ½ years. Phyllis has been a very active Ladies of Elks member and Dave has been her executive assistant. Dave does what the boss asks him to do. He says the boss is always right. The two of them have lead the toy drive and school supply drive for many years.


Dave and Phyllis are avid RV’ers and have been wagon masters and are active in the Lodge RV club. The RV Club raises money for the Lodge, donates toys for the charity baskets each year and runs the White Elephant sale to raise money for the charity baskets.

Bend Elks Lodge #1371 Member Profile

Everyone knows Dave is an avid Beaver fan, he and Phyllis travel to many games and wear the colors. He also loves to travel in his RV and golf. Dave always lights up the room with his smile and a positive outlook.

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