Member Profile – July 2014

Edwin Waggoner Elks 2012-13 New Years Eve

Edwin Waggoner

Trustee – Three Year


Ernest “Edwin” Waggoner was born in Millington, Oregon and graduated from Marshfield High School in 1959.  Edwin started working at age 9 as a caddie at the local golf course.  From age 12 – 17 he was employed at the Egyptian Theater as an usher, candy and popcorn sales, changing the marquees and closing the theater at night.  He also helped install their pipe organ.

Edwin was married at age 17, and had three children.  After leaving the theater he worked at a local gas station and Orton Piano Company, where he helped refinish and deliver pianos.  He also worked as a longshoreman on the logging ships.  He was a partner at the Bunker Hill 76 Gas Station for 8 years.  When his partner retired, Edwin took over the station and was the owner for the next 18 years.  Edwin then opened a photography studio “Shadow Catcher” doing weddings, portraits, aerial, commercial and building photography.  Edwin worked on the “Adventurous” a wooden sailing cruise ship, where he was the ship’s photographer and sailed all over the Northwest for 3 years.  The crew taught “at risk” teenagers to sail and work together as a crew team.  They learned to navigate, read charts, work the radio and helm.  He then moved to Sacramento, opened a photography studio but quickly closed it due to competition.  Edwin then moved to Texas and worked on offshore oilrigs with his son, Bruce, as chefs for 6 months, and then moved back to Sacramento to work as a 76 Station manager.  Edwin switched gears and obtained a position at SDS Drilling Company in Sacramento in the mineral division, where he learned to assemble drill rigs.  Unfortunately, the lack of minerals in Oregon led him to relocate to the states of Arizona, New Mexico, Idaho, Nevada and Oregon where he worked for the next 13 years.

Bend Elks Lodge #1371 Member Profile Edwin Waggoner

Edwin eventually moved to Bend and worked at Pozzi Window Company.  When Nortec bought out Pozzi a year later, Edwin obtained a management position and reorganized their assembly line.  At this point, Edwin went back to core drilling rigs and bought and reassembled rigs.  U.S. Borax then hired Edwin to drill for the mineral, expanding clays. He continued to drill minerals for various mining companies for the next 13 years.  When gold prices dropped, Edwin closed the business and obtained a position at Jeld-Wen in Bend until he retired in 2001.

He started dancing 13 years ago when he went to the VFW in Redmond and realized he did not know how to dance and started taking lessons. Within 6 months he traveled to Los Angeles to participate in international competitions.  He took 1st place in a Waltz solo and took 1st and 2nd place in 35 other dance competitions.  He traveled over the next few years to Atlanta, Puerto Rico, Las Vegas and placed high in all competitions.  Edwin met Carol Granier at a Central Oregon Community College dance class and after a whirlwind courtship, they married 3 months later. Carol Waggoner was our Lecturing Knight for 2013-2014 and Edwin and Carol were Officers of the Year for 2013-2014.

Bend Elks Lodge #1371 Member Profile Edwin Waggoner

Edwin was initiated at Coos Bay Elks Lodge 44 years ago.  He was Inner Guard at Coos Bay and wanted to go through the chairs, but since he was running his own business, he was unable to dedicate the time to continue, but he did take 1st place at ritual competition as Inner Guard.  He transferred his membership to Bend 4 years ago and served as a Trustee for two years and was elected in 2014 to fill a vacant 3-year Trustee term. Edwin is dedicated to our Lodge and is the lead of the Event Setup Committee making hall preparations for every event and Lodge function.  He works directly with the Friday night dance program, greeting guests at the door and as an occasional dance instructor.  Edwin has recruited over 30 new members as of this date.

Edwin provides many hours of service that many members don’t see.  He is at the Lodge early in the morning and many evenings, making event preparations for a smooth operating Lodge and his efforts to recruit new members has been significant in the growth of the Lodge.

How fortunate we are to have Edwin as a member and Trustee and his wife Carol as his dance partner and Elk partner.