Member Profile – June 2014

Jon Sholes

Jon Sholes

Trustee – One Year

Jon Sholes has been a member of Bend Elks Lodge since May 24, 2005.  He held the position of Inner Guard and is now serving his second term as a Trustee. Jon is our communications expert and keeps us up to date on all our electronic equipment.

Jon was born in Bend and graduated from Bend High School.  His father, Forrest C. Sholes, was the Sheriff and his Uncle, Emil Moen, was the Chief of Police.  Jon joined the Navy in 1968, completed Boot Camp in South Dakota and shortly after was stationed aboard the aircraft carrier, U.S.S. Forrestal, CVA 59.  The Forrestal was home ported in Norfolk, Virginia. Jon served for six years, was discharged in 1974 and then returned to Bend.  In Bend, he was employed by Central Oregon TV and then Lava Butte Enterprises.  Jon purchased the company and renamed it Sholes Communications.  He was the owner of Sholes Communications for 10 years and closed the business in 1989.  Jon was then employed by Deschutes County as their chief electronics technician; he was in charge of all communications for the County.

In 1968 Jon married Anette (“Sue”) Shoults, his high school sweetheart.  Jon and Sue have two daughters; they graduated from Mountain View High School and obtained their degrees in teaching.  One daughter lives in Portland and is teaching in Lake Oswego and the other lives in Vancouver and is employed by the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Jon is an avid sportsman; his hobbies are hunting and fishing.  He has been in charge of our Investigation Committee for the past four years; Jon and Gene Cota interview all new candidates and help them through the process of becoming members of our Lodge. He also volunteers for Bingo on Thursdays, is our Lodge photographer and works on our Website Committee.

Jon is a valuable member of our team and is always there when we need him.