Member Profile – May 2014

Susan Wise

Susan Wise

Trustee – Two Year, Chairman

I was born in Eugene, Oregon.  I married Dean Wise on December 7, 1963.  I am the mother of three children, seven grandchildren and two great grandchildren.  I worked for Oregon Education Association for 25 years.  I retired in January of 2000.  I remained retired for five years and it was during that time I became involved in the Bend Elks.  In May of 2005, I went back to work in a law office in Bend and continue to work four days a week.

I joined the Bend Elks Lodge in 2000 — I am a 14 year member.

I have been married 50 years to Dean Wise; who has been a member of the Bend Elks Lodge for 35 years.  I knew many members and officers over the years and felt very comfortable at all Lodge events.  When I retired from Oregon Education Association after 25 years of service I found I needed something to do.  I spoke to my Elk member friends Jim Graham and Dick Bird; they quickly found jobs for me which they felt would benefit the Lodge.  My first job as a volunteer was editing “The Bugler” before becoming a member, a few months later I was asked to join the Lodge.  Hal Le Roy was my sponsor.  I was initiated by PER Scotty Miller in 2000.  I have continued to edit “The Bugler” for the past 14 years, with the exception of about a year and a half.

I was elected to a five year term on the Board of Trustees in 2001-02; and I was the first female to serve on the Board of Trustees.  I was elected to serve as the Chairman of the Board of Trustees the same year.  I served as Board of Trustee Chairman for five consecutive years.  The Lodge went through some major changes at the time I held these positions; during this time we sold the old Lodge on Newport Avenue; bought property at our current location on Boyd Acres Road; went through the re-zoning process with the City of Bend; split off two acres of the Boyd Acres property and sold that parcel where the housing development is today, north of the Lodge.  We built our new Lodge during the years of 2003-05.  Our first Lodge meeting was held in the new Lodge on March 8, 2005; the Lodge was dedicated on June 6, 2005 by PGER, James W. Damon.  During my tenure on the Board of Trustees, with member approval, we also sold 80 acres located near Wickiup Dam, known as Haner Park, to the members who were at the time leasing lots from the Lodge.  Through all this process I became very familiar with the Grand Lodge Statutes and real estate sales and purchase requirements.  I am very proud to say that the members owned their new Lodge free and clear when all the paperwork was signed and we took occupancy of our new Lodge.

During this period I was bestowed with the following awards:

1.      2003-2004 “Outstanding Service Commendation” “Recognizing the exceptional contributions of this dedicated member of our Lodge and thereby to the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks.”  Signed by Amos A. McCallum Grand Exalted Ruler J. Warren Donnelly, Chairman Lodge Activities/State Associations Committee of Grand Lodge.

2.      2005-2006 “Officer of the Year” “For dedicated and meritorious service to the Lodge; who by unselfish commitment and cheerful enthusiasm further Elkdom’s programs while fulfilling the responsibilities as an officer of the Lodge in an exemplary manner.”  Signed by Louis J. Grillo, Grand Exalted Ruler and Jack M. Jensen, Grand Secretary.

3.      2006-2007 “Outstanding Service Commendation” “Recognizing the exceptional contributions of this dedicated member of our Lodge and thereby to the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks.”  Signed by Arthur H. Frost III, Grand Exalted Ruler and William J. Chemelli, Chairman Lodge Activities/ State Associations Committee of Grand Lodge.

4.      Oregon State Elks Association 2nd Place Award for the Bugler three (3) different years.

I also served a partial year as Chairman of the SE District Lapsation and Membership Committee.

I then took a five year hiatus from serving on the Board of Trustees.

I was elected to the Board of Trustees for a second five year term in 2011-12.  At the first meeting of the Board in April, I once again was elected as the Chairman of the Board of Trustees and Chairman of the Board of Directors and continue to serve in those positions.