Member Profile – April 2014

Myrtle Farleigh

Myrtle Farleigh

Lodge Secretary

Myrtle Farleigh is our beloved Lodge Secretary. Myrt (as we all call her) is serving her fifth term as our Lodge Secretary. Her first term started in 2005. Myrt has been an Elk for 12 years and is married to Jim Farleigh, an Elk for 66 years.

Myrt was raised in Memphis, Tennessee. Her great-aunt, great-uncle and great-grandmother brought her up from the time she was four. She was raised in a very traditional “Old Southern” household. When she was 14, she moved to Phoenix, Arizona to live with her mother and brother. This was a drastic change from Memphis, but she adapted quickly and was happy to be with her mother. In Phoenix, she graduated from high school and worked as a secretary. The family then moved to San Francisco. Her stepfather was a naval officer and often had to move the family for changing assignments. At age 17, Myrt was left to take care of her brother so he could finish high school in San Francisco. This was during the war and Myrt’s mother moved to Portland to join her husband. After her brother graduated, they rejoined the family in Portland. Eventually, Myrt moved to Phoenix and then to Northern California.
Bend Elks Lodge #1371 - Member Profile - Myrtle Farleigh
Myrt worked as a police officer in Northern California for 15 years and then became a District Attorney investigator. It was here that Myrt, the mother of two adult children from a previous marriage, met Jim Farleigh, the father of two adult children from a previous marriage. Myrt and Jim married in 1975 and shortly after moved to Bend where she worked in a law firm until her retirement in 1984.

Myrt and Jim owned a vacation cabin in Haner Park, which was owned by the Bend Elks Lodge. All the sites were leased from the Lodge. Myrt joined the Elks in 2003 to be a part of the ongoing land sale process and to attend the meetings. Shortly after, she was elected Lodge Secretary and has been the current secretary on and off since 2005.