Easter Sunday – April 20,2014

Hey all!

We need the following for distribution to the children of Bend on Easter Sunday April 20th:

  1. 4,000 plastic eggs
  2. Enough Wrapped candy to fill 4,000 plastic eggs with 2 or 3 pieces of candy
  3. Hard candy or soft candy for older children and soft candy for the little children
  4. Volunteers to come to lodge and stuff eggs.  We will have supplies
    in the Pool Room and you can come in any time to work on the eggs.
    (541-382-1371 or 541-389-7438 to see if we have items available)
  5. We need volunteers willing to go in early (7am) on Easter Morning and
    help hide the eggs at Juniper Park.  Contact Bob Little,
    ER 541-815-3561 for more information


If you want to donate cash or checks please give it to the Secretary and she will give you a receipt.